Connor Ames

Director, Founder

Connor was born hearing and became hard of hearing at 8 months old through contracting bacterial meningitis. Since he was 11 months old, he wore hearing aids and spoke orally. In February 2016, Connor received a Cochlear Implant in his right ear. With experience in wearing both, hearing aids and Cochlear, Connor holds a unique perspective of what both worlds are like.


He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Emerging Media, both from Loyola University Maryland.


Ever since he graduated from college and started working in other nonprofits, Connor always had a vision of starting up a nonprofit of his own. The conversations of the NJHF started with Maegan through regular audiology appointments. In those meetings, Connor learned all about the families in New Jersey that are in need of a community and affordable hearing equipment. Connor, inspired by the stories of his late father, founded the New Jersey Hearing Foundation in January 2018.  Feel free to check out his blog to learn more about Connor.

Maegan Mapes, Au.D.


Dr. Maegan Mapes has been an audiologist for over 20 years.  She has worked in many different clinical setting including hospitals, nursing homes, and ENT offices. While she has worked in a variety of professional environments, her favorite place to work has always been the local schools as a consultant with REM Audiology. Her experience working in these schools was extremely eye opening, as she quickly discovered that many of the students worked with were mainstreamed and have never met and/or interacted with other children with hearing loss. Maegan made it her goal to someday start an organization to help with situations like these! Enter Connor Ames, whom Dr. Mapes has worked with for over 15 years, and the dream of one day starting a foundation became a reality.  


Dr. Mapes attended the University of Pittsburgh for her Bachelor’s Degree, The Ohio State University for her Master’s Degree, and Salus University for her Doctorate degree. Previously, she has worked at REM Audiology Associates for over 10 years where she has served people of all ages. Now, she has recently made a career change and is proudly representing one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers, Oticon, as an Account Representative where she hopes to help even more people. She also has been an adjunct professor at Richard Stockton University in New Jersey for 4 years and previously taught at Salus University in Pennsylvania. She has been a preceptor to Audiology Doctorate students for many years and stated that the most rewarding part of being an audiologist is helping the students find the love and passion she has found in helping individuals of all ages reconnect with their family members by better hearing.

The NJ Hearing Foundation has been a dream of Maegan’s for many years and she is so excited to bring this to hearing-impaired children in New Jersey that need to feel like they have a home. It is an honor to be partnering with Johnnie Sexton and The CARE Project to provide a summer retreat for the children to bond and grow.

Cory McNabb, Au.D.


Cory is an Audiologist licensed in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He is also an adjunct faculty member in the Health Science Department at Stockton University, where he teaches Speech & Hearing Science.


He received his Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Pittsburgh. His clinical externship was completed at the University of Miami Mailman Center for Child Development in Miami, Florida.


As a pediatric Audiologist at REM Audiology Associates, Cory saw first-hand the need for a group like NJHF in the state. Inspired by the children and families he works with on a daily basis, Cory joined the team and helped establish the Foundation in January 2018.

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